Community Life After Quarantine: Amber Bretz ’23


Contributing writer Darina Huang ’23 interviewed Amber Bretz ’23 about their transition to campus and in-person classes.

How have you been including and interacting with new students, especially those outside of your pod?

“I have enjoyed getting to know the new students through soccer tryouts, and through talking to them during team dinners. It’s been really great getting to know new students outside of tryouts, and sitting with them at lunch. I’ve also gotten to know new students in my pod by sitting in the hallway after check-in and talking about our days.” 

How were the weekend activities (food trucks, games, etc.)?

“The weekend activities, which included food trucks and glow in the dark games, were a great way for me to branch out and talk to people outside of my dorm and were a fun way to bring the community together in our first weekend out of quarantine. I went to the french fry and ice cream trucks, and played glow in the dark badminton with several new students. It was nice seeing old friends and talking to new ones. ” 

What were your feelings about the first days of in-person class?
“It’s really exciting to be back in Main Building and getting back into a normal routine. I love walking through main hallway and seeing people I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to yet. It definitely does feel different returning to in-person classes and has been an adjustment because I’m used to just logging onto Zoom.”

Interviews have been lightly edited for clarity.