Community Life After Quarantine: Mr. Michael Boone

Community Life After Quarantine: Mr. Michael Boone

Contributing writer Darina Huang ’23 interviewed Mr. Michael Boone, instructor in physics and engineering and director of the EFX lab, about their transition to campus and in-person classes.

Are there any modifications to teaching that have to be implemented in the classroom?

“Yes, especially for faculty who don’t teach in a traditional classroom. I’m based in the EFX Lab and the projects my engineering classes are working on this year are more limited, since there is no sharing of tools. Nonetheless, we have to adapt and learn how to work with the new set of rules. Practicing social distancing in the classroom is a little tricky because we have to keep everyone apart, and spraying surfaces down after class is another added safety precaution.”

How does it feel that campus has returned to life and students are allowed to be mixing more outside?

“I’m just excited to see it. Campus has been quiet since March, and it’s a difficult place to live when there is no energy here. Initially, I was just excited to see students back on campus. Even though we were cooped up in our dorms for the first 2 weeks, knowing students were here just made a huge difference. And now, after the first few days of in person classes, things seem a little bit more normal. The energy and excitement is back!”

How have the first day of in-person classes been for new students?

“I know that many of my students came here to focus on engineering, work on projects, and be a part of the EFX lab. Many students have seen pictures of our facilities online, so some students said it was exciting just to tour the lab for the first time. I’ve never met a group of students more excited for the first day of school.”

Interviews have been lightly edited for clarity.