Athlete of the Issue: Meagan Campbell ’21


Tom Honan

Meagan Campbell ’21 has played field hockey for seven years.

Meagan Campbell ’21 is a four-year Senior and a captain of Girls Varsity Field Hockey. She has played field hockey for seven years and is a part of the Field Hockey Captains Council, a new initiative designed to promote inclusivity on the team. Meagan also plays on the Girls Varsity Hockey team in the winter. Teammate Sarah Holmes ’23 said, “Meagan’s presence emphasizes that we are not just a team, but a family. Meagan is one of my biggest role models. I cannot imagine Hotchkiss Field Hockey without her, and I’m so proud to call Meagan my teammate and friend.”

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

What do you love most about the field hockey team?

The family that it is. The Field Hockey team has a reputation around Hotchkiss as being super tight-knit. We talk about things both sports-related and not, so I feel like I can trust everyone. The friendships and the bonds that I’ve created on the team are invaluable.

What are your and the team’s goals for this season?

Unfortunately, we don’t have games this season. But, if we did, our goals would probably be winning-oriented, just like past years. This season, it’s going to be really important for us to stay positive, still have that competitive energy, and still work hard without playing games. We also want to make sure to have a balance of fun and hard work because we don’t have games, and we don’t necessarily need to feel stressed about our competition all the time. 

Are there any new challenges for the team this year? 

I think that a big challenge will be creating the same kinds of bonds as those we made last year, because a lot of the bonding of the Field Hockey team happens in the locker room, which we won’t have access to this year. I also think that competing against a group of girls makes us closer, so not having games will make it difficult to create friendships like we would under normal circumstances. But I know that with enough time and hard work, we will be able to.

How has the school improved your field hockey experience? 

It has made me fall in love with this sport even more. Before Hotchkiss, I was really passionate about it, but now field hockey is what I genuinely look forward to every day and at the beginning of every year.

Who has inspired you the most in your field hockey career?

I have an older sister, Gracyn Campbell ’18, who was a Senior when I was a freshman, and she went off to play college field hockey. Even though I’m not playing field hockey in college, her work-ethic and her dedication to the team inspired me.

What advice would you give to other athletes?

At a place like Hotchkiss, I know that there’s a lot of competition and a lot of stress in the classroom. I think that it’s really important to view sports as an escape from that. Enjoy the small moments with your teams and enjoy the competition – whether it’s in practice or during games. Just savor it.

What is a favorite memory with Hotchkiss field hockey?

We were playing on Taft Day. The game was really intense and it was raining. I remember I looked up on the hill at Taft and there was a girl who had graduated from Hotchkiss the year prior named Courtney Breen ’18, and she was standing there in her Navy uniform. I just remember thinking “Wow, the bonds are so strong at Hotchkiss. I’m so proud of her and she’s so proud of us.” That was the moment when I realized how important the Hotchkiss family is and how proud I am of everyone who is a part of it.