Community Voices: I’m No Good at Goodbyes 

Community Voices is a section started and run by the Features section that gives community members the opportunity to submit personal vlogs, blogs, journal entries, poems, etc., relating to their lives off of the main campus. Alex Cheng ’23 continues his poetry series with this week’s entry.

Week 3: I’m No Good at Goodbyes 

This drain that swivels,

corkscrews my mind

down the

slightly residued opening.

I did the same to

an intruding insect yesterday:

he swished left, then right,


as if under the Confundus Charm.


I guess departure 

swindles neurons 

and distorts north and 

south from a fruitless stagnation.

There is no textbook manual:

that much is resolute.

For, goodbyes must be 

embraced then goodbyed.


I’m definitely no good at goodbyes.


(Bye Ms. Suan!)