Classes May End, But Community Continues

On behalf of The Hotchkiss Record, we would first like to thank the Seniors for all of their dedication and leadership during their time at the school. While this year has ended in a way we would never have expected, community members have worked hard to end the year on a strong note. 

With the possibility that online learning will continue next year, it is especially important to maintain our sense of community throughout the summer. Our original summer plans have probably been disrupted, and many of us will be staying at home throughout the summer. So, make an effort to stay in touch after the school year ends. Get together with your dorm to chat or play some online games. Write a letter to a faculty or staff member. Schedule a Zoom workout session with your team. Hold a club get-together over Zoom. Let’s keep our school spirit heightened throughout the summer, ready for whatever circumstances the fall will hold.

This fall will be an unprecedented year in many ways, as our community considers how to welcome 211 new students into our community, even if not everyone can be on campus. We will go into the fall semester stronger if the welcoming process begins in the summer and carries into the new school year. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new students and get to know them through social media or email. Clubs and athletic teams can invite new students into their gatherings, and different grades can introduce themselves to new students in class Zoom meetings. There are endless possibilities of ways to exemplify the ideal community envisioned by Mr. Steve McKibben, dean of student life, where we “look out for each other.”

Let’s show our Bearcat spirit and strengthen our community bond over the summer. We can start the next school year together, no matter where we are in the world.