A Fond Farewell to Departing Faculty and Staff

The Record would like to recognize and thank the following faculty and staff, who are departing or have departed this year, for their work and contributions to the school. Faculty and staff with an asterisk (*) next to their titles are retiring this year. 


Beth Adams, Circulation Desk Assistant

“Beth is a diligent worker, reliable, and dependable. Her creativity and artistic temperament brought a new wave of ideas and displays that refreshed the hallway display many times. She will be missed.”

– Ms. Errika Adams, emerging technology librarian 


Joaquin Aymerich, Director of Safety & Security 

“Security at Hotchkiss has never been as important as it is now and the community relies on the department daily. Thanks to Joaquin’s commitment to Hotchkiss and his security team, Hotchkiss is prepared for most anything. The high standards and professionalism that Hotchkiss Security has is a result of Joaquin’s leadership. A big thank you for all that he has done and high hopes that Security will continue the level of service provided now and in the future without him running this ship and crew. His favorite quote was, ‘ok, long story bearable, so this one time…” 

– Mr. Steven Dodge, campus safety & security officer


Francisco Barrios, Instructor in Spanish

“Señor Barrios has made Spanish class both a place to have fun and [to] learn. Going to Señor Barrios’s classes was something to look forward to and I think… his encouragement and patience have allowed [me] to grow substantially. Outside the Spanish classroom, whenever I encountered Señor Barrios he waved and said ‘Hola, como estás,’ checking [in] on his students.” 

– Ilene Park ’22


David Bolmer, Instructor in Mathematics (34 years of service) *

“Mr. Bolmer was an integral part of my life at Hotchkiss, from coaching the JV squash team to his infamous 480 math class. Whatever it is, his no-nonsense approach always pushes me to do my best.” 

– Justin Han ’20


Sarah Lewites, Teaching Fellow

“Sarah Lewites is an excellent teacher who always comes from a place of care and compassion when working with her students. I feel honored to have been her official mentor (it really was a two way street where I learned so much from her). In addition, Sarah is extremely articulate, thoughtful, and professional. Her work at Hotchkiss with SEED and Diversity, Equity. and Inclusion has been impactful. The school will miss her, and I will miss her!” 

– Ms. Letty Roberts, instructor in mathematics


Jean Lilley, Housekeeper (29 years of service) *

“Jeannie served our community with fierce dedication for over 29 years, always willing to lend a hand many times without being asked. She was a straight shooter, who took time to get to know students and faculty and made you feel at home.” 

– Ms. Becky Curtis, housekeeping supervisor


Rachel Myers, Director of Diversity & Inclusion

“Dr. Myers impacted my Hotchkiss experience by showing me that even though I am 1,700 miles away from home, I have a home in her care. She is our very own Hotchkiss Wonder Woman, attaining the superpower to kick butt in her multitude of commitments during the day, show love to her son and students, all while maintaining a stellar outfit choice and killer makeup skills. Doc has made an impact on every single student at Hotchkiss, and for me personally, she showed me I am good enough and that we can do anything with a little bit of determination, perseverance, and a hint of sass.”

– Nadia Puente ’21


Carolyn Nye, Associate Director of IT (31 years of service) *

“Over the years Ms. Nye has partnered with countless members of the community and had a positive impact in every aspect of school life. Notably, Ms. Nye was a key member of the project team which built the Minerva student information system almost 20 years ago, converting information and processes that were mostly paper to the online system. Since then she has been a part of a myriad of information systems projects and school improvement initiatives.”

– Mr. Kevin Warenda, director of IT services


Thomas Peabody, College Advisor

“Mr. Peabody was a great coach and mentor to the sailing team for the past three years. We will not only miss him as our coach, but also as our friend, who could not be more supportive of the sailing team.” 

– Oliver Hurwitz ’21


Carlina Perna, Instructor in Spanish

“Profe Perna was an amazing teacher to have. Their positive and at times, playful energy contributed to such a fun and valuable classroom experience. We look forward to go going to class no matter what period it was!”

– Jerry Qiao ’22


Heather Perrenoud, Dean of Residential Life

“Mrs. Perrenoud has worked really hard for the school, always keeping student well-being and safety at the center of her decision making. She is as thoughtful as she is reliable, smart, and principled. And she has a really good sense of humor – which has helped her survive quite a few challenging times! In her time as the dean of residential life, she managed housing when Redlich was being built, when we were over-enrolled by many students, lice, fire, bedbugs, illness, and more…, [and through] five very different dean of students/community life and three heads of school. Mrs. Perrenoud has done a lot for the school and we’re going to miss her.” 

– Dr. Merrilee Mardon, dean of faculty


Jesus Ramírez Méndez, Instructor in Spanish

“Dr. Jesus Ramírez Méndez is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable teachers I have ever had. His dedication to his students and their education is nothing short of inspiring to me. Jesus approaches the class with his charismatic ‘chillness.’ Indeed, reading and speaking a new language can be daunting for many students, especially in front of a native speaker; Jesus creates an environment in which mistakes are made and then converted to knowledge (and sometimes laughter). I often ask myself if our efforts in the class can match his passion – truly, he is too good for us. I wish him all the best in the world beyond Lakeville!”

– Felix Bao ’21


Paula Russo, Instructor in History

“Paula Russo helped to broaden the perspective of our department both in terms of the Supreme Court class and Middle Eastern History. She brought legal training to the former, which had previously been strictly a history course; and she offered an important non-Western perspective to our course offering with the latter. We will miss her greatly. She had a significant impact on a number of students and she made great contributions to the broader Salisbury community.” 

– Mr. Thomas Drake, instructor in history


Ashley Suan, Teaching Fellow

“Ms. Suan has always been a great support system for me, both on and off the squash courts. While playing a match I can always count on her to be on the outside cheering me on, and off the court she never fails to encourage me to do the best I can.” 

– Makayla Oas ’21