Arts Review: Fox? CNN? NBC? Nah, SGN.

John Krasinski
Krasinski is known for his acting in various television shows such as The Office and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

If there is one good creation to come out of the current ordeal, it is John Krasinski’s new YouTube show, Some Good News. As the name suggests, Some Good News features uplifting news stories in a world dominated by disheartening stories. In a day and age where the media is permeated with Trump’s latest briefing (please don’t ingest disinfectant) or constantly bombarded with reopening speculations and recession woes, some good news is certainly welcome, keeping our self-quarantining, social-distancing, home-isolating minds sane. 

John Krasinski’s charisma is unmatched: he’s a well-versed and eloquent speaker, he’s humorous, he’s very handsome, and he’s incredibly talented. Certainly, his prior acting and directing experience brought him fame in the YouTube realm; he has amassed more than two million subscribers in just under a month. A few weeks prior, I came across a post on my close friends feed on Instagram captioned, “I wish John Krasinski could be my dad.” And let’s be honest, that viewpoint is shared by more people than you might expect (myself included). 

The four-time Emmy nominee’s home studio certainly doesn’t live up to his fame and prestige, but that’s what I find wonderful about the show. It’s filmed on two iPhones hoisted by selfie sticks,  propped up on tripods, and the prominent logo in the background is hand-drawn by his daughters. The teleprompter improvised from his laptop is paired with what I presume to be blank paper for props, and even his suit and tie-clad upper half is accompanied by shorts and comfortable garb (which we’re all wearing). The show screams casual and DIY like no other – and I believe that’s been the key aspect of the show that makes it so inspiring for many to create their own spin-offs of Krasinski’s videos (which Krasinski himself encourages). It’s a testament to the few resources you actually need to start a project or an artistic endeavor at home: all it takes is a touch of inspiration and the will to make it happen. Frankly, we don’t need another overproduced, professional-looking news show in the world. Krasinski parodies the orthodox news broadcasts that we’re all sick of. 

Exciting and heartwarming stories accompany his excellent setup. By sharing a news-feed of positive tweets and user-submitted videos, Krasinski reminds us of the good things happening in life all around us. Segments every episode usually include a face-to-face Zoom call with some wholesome child mentioned in a Tweet or community story, often accompanied by prominent guest stars. Familiar faces on the show have included Krasinski’s The Office co-stars Rainn Wilson (still dressed in pajamas) and Steve Carell, musicians Billie Eilish, Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper, and my personal favorite, the entirety of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton synchronously performing the musical’s title number. 

Some Good News spreads positivity and wholesome stories in a time where it is much needed. It provides an alternative to mainstream media and the ceaseless round-the-clock news cycle which is wholly welcomed and adored. Honestly, I would watch Krasinski in whatever news show he hosted, and that’s saying a lot about him. Tweets and stories can be directed to @somegoodnews and episodes are released weekly on Sundays and Mondays on his YouTube channel.