Help Us Help You

The Record is a community effort. It is not just our large editorial board that helps produce every weekly issue—there are many more people involved. To give you an idea, we reach out to nearly 50 people for every eight-page issue. I’m sure many of you have received at least one email in your time at Hotchkiss that looks a little bit like this: 


Dear Mr. Bradley, 

I’m writing an article for The Record on the Lufkin Prize, and I was hoping to find out some more information on how the prize winner is selected. I was wondering when you are available for an interview. I am available tomorrow during 3rd period or 5a. Let me know what works for you, thank you!




Without realizing it or not, nearly everyone in the community has contributed to The Record in some way: in an interview, in a photo, or an initiative The Record was covering. 


In these times of uncertainty, we want to continue documenting the narrative of the community; the only way this is possible is if you all continue to help The Record report on how our community remains unified from different corners of the world. For those of you who do, thank you so much, and we appreciate your help! We encourage everyone to participate and be creative; tell us what your club is doing virtually, make a vlog of what you do in a day, or even make a podcast on what you’re passionate about. Together, let’s work to strengthen the bonds of our community, no matter what challenges we may face.