Artist of the Issue: Dom Bellido ’20

The ink. board will hold a virtual poetry reading in Chapel on Thursday, April 23. The Arts Editors interviewed Dom Bellido ’20, one of the board members of ink, about his experience with poetry and creative writing. This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.


What is your previous experience with poetry and creative writing? 

The trouble all started in third grade in Hartford when I wrote a short story based on the Percy Jackson books. I wrote eight pages and showed them to my English teacher. I stopped for a while, but I started creative writing again during the Daily Theme assignments during my Sophomore year.


Who has helped you in the process of writing?

All of my Hotchkiss teachers. Starting with Mr. Jim Fornshell, who laid the foundation of grammar and syntax for me. Then I had Mrs. Liz Buckles, who was wonderful and inspired me to delve deeper creatively. Junior year, I was lucky enough to have Mr. Charlie Frankenbach as a teacher. He showed me the power of storytelling. These teachers helped me immensely and made me realize that writing is something that has power.


Why did you decide to hold the ink. poetry night during online Chapel?

Since the regular ink. poetry night in May got canceled, I was looking for ways to still retain a platform for students to present and recite their own poetry. I hope ink. will continue to host annual poetry nights in the springtime – the best time to write.


What does poetry mean to you?

To me, a poem is much like a memory. Memories don’t have to mean anything – sometimes the silliest details are more important than serious ones. I think each piece is like a portal explored by the pen touching paper, an image, something quick and striking, [or] a cluster of words built to remain when the mind alone begins to fail. Poetry is the act of remembrance. 


How do you think the community is affected by the pandemic?

It’s heartbreaking for the Seniors. But just because we are all strewn about the world, thousands of miles apart doesn’t mean we still can’t connect and plan for the future. Asgard is not a place, but a people. 


The ink poetry reading will be held during Chapel this Thursday, which is organized by Dom and Shine Lee ’20. Poems of all forms and content are accepted and welcomed.