Girls Varsity Squash Victorious at New Englands


I Lok U ’20

Makayla Oas ’21 has been a strong player on the team since coming to the school her Lower Mid year.

On February 28, the Girls Varsity Squash team traveled to the New England Interscholastic Squash Association (NEISA) championship, hoping to finish the season strong. The team went 11-6 for the regular season, working hard to improve its skills and maintain its rigor. The team finished third in Division II at  the HEAD U.S. High School Team Squash Championships (a.k.a. Nationals), achieved first place in the NEISA Class B championship, and took home the Sportsmanship Award.

This season has been one of many changes for the team, including the addition of three Preps: Alex Chou ’23, Mary Wood ’23, and Lauren Sonneborn ’23. The Preps have played an integral role in the development of the team and its culture. Co-captain Ellie Burke’20 said, “The Preps have been really strong players, and it [has] been great having new energy and new faces that will be able to carry the program moving forward.”

Furthermore, a new head coach has sparked a cultural shift within the team. Placing special emphasis on individual growth, Head Coach Maja Clark said, “I really want the girls to improve on their own personal goals. It’s about their personal best and playing with more freedom. They are super inspiring.”

The team played with a high intensity regardless of its opponents or previous results. “We started [the season] off with two really tough matches against two of the toughest teams, [Deerfield and Greenwich Academy],” commented Assistant Coach Ashley Suan. “But since then, we really rebounded and had lots of good wins.”

On February 21, the team headed off to Westminster School for Nationals, where 96 teams faced off. The team started off seeded first in Division II, but faced a tough blow when sickness and injury spread through the team. Despite the setback, the team pushed through, finishing 19th in the nation and third in Division II. “The team performed really well, which was great, as the matches were super-close. Everyone fought really hard,” Coach Clark reflected.

With the help of a new coach and new players, the Girls Varsity Squash team is set up for success for years to come.