What is the CCC?

The Community Conduct Council (CCC) is a group of people specially trained to look into allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct and to violations of the school’s Code of Ethical Conduct. Similar to the Discipline Committee (DC), the CCC recommends responses to the Head of School, Mr. Craig Bradley. However, unlike with the reports of the DC, the reports of the CCC are not accessible to all faculty, but are shown only to the individuals involved in a given case.
The CCC allows cases involving sensitive personal details to be handled more privately, which the school hopes will ecnourage students and faculty to make reports. Dr. Merilee Mardon, associate head of school, said, “What we are really trying to do is build a healthy culture…where students report anything that feels off.”
In 2017, the school engaged the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization to help educate the community. The school held two voluntary sessions on November 15, 2019. These sessions provided a safe space for people to discuss resources from the School that would best meet their needs. Afterward, RAINN representatives made themselves available for any student who wanted to discuss a specific incident. Dr. Mardon said, “Any report of sexual misconduct also invariably includes outreach to the department of child and families and may also include reaching out to local law enforcement.”
RAINN summarized their work on November 15 in a report that gave the School feedback on how to enhance and establish a better program. Mrs. Christy Cooper, dean of the class of 2021, now serves as the school’s sexual misconduct prevention and response coordinator. Students should feel free to reach out to Mrs. Cooper or any other member of the CCC with questions or concerns.