Three Pointer

I initially began writing for The Record in the fall of my Prep year at Hotchkiss. I had always had an interest in journalism and knew I wanted to write for a news publication in high school. I decided early on to write exclusively for the News section, only occasionally dabbling in Arts and Features. I wrote for Sports once and quickly decided never again. After all, I have never been athletically inclined or followed professional sports.
Imagine my surprise when I was appointed a Sports Editor my Lower Mid year. What did I know about sports? The answer: very little. However, in that position, I was not only able to write for the paper, but engage with a part of my community I wouldn’t have otherwise. I met and spoke with coaches, made friends on both 3rds and Varsity teams, and learned a lot about what it means to be a student athlete at Hotchkiss. I’ve also greatly expanded my vocabulary to include terms such as ‘first down’ and ‘three-pointer’, although I have to admit I still don’t understand exactly what they mean.
My four years with The Record have been an incredible and educational experience, but it was certainly difficult at times – especially Tuesday nights, when the editorial board would work late into the night to make the paper ready for print – and things often went awry. I’ve learned important lessons in handling unexpected challenges, communicating effectively, and the necessity of teamwork. The Record would not be possible without the input and collaboration of many individuals, as well as the cooperation and willingness of our community.
Most importantly, though, my time with the Record has given me the opportunity to contribute to a community I love, a community of supportive, empathetic, and ambitious individuals willing to learn from and help each other succeed. Any involvement with the Record, either through writing, cartooning, or photography, is one of the best ways to get to know your peers and make a positive contribution to this community. I look forward to seeing how The Record will continue to grow and make our community a better place.

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