The Record, By The Numbers

Number of issues: 15.5 (kinda); number of words published in the Record: 182,319; number of photos and cartoons: 1,190; number of images converted into CMYK: 1,150 probably; number of images I’ve forgotten to convert into CMYK: probably 20ish (oops); number of news stories: 305; number of stories published online: 545; number of Issuu digital reads: 1,991; number of online impressions: 13,274; number of website visits: 62,904; number of website sessions: 14,223; number minutes spent on website: 19,201. Number of editors: 23; staff writers: 18 and counting; staff cartoonists: 4 and counting; staff photographers: only 2 (sad); number of late nights spent working on the Record: too many; number of cartoons drawn: 2 and counting; photos taken: like 10,000ish but probably more; concerts attended for the Record: 7; number of cover photos that have been situated in Walker auditorium: 3; number of feeds missed because of the Record: 3; number of hours spent on InDesign: also too many; number of times I’ve fallen asleep to editing a page: 2; number of pizzas ordered for the Record: 7; number of nights spent off campus: 1. Number of emails received relating to the Record: 2,407; arts: 406; features: 322; news 603; online: 220; opinions: 318; sports: 315; photo: 35; suspicious emails received: 2. Number of club meetings missed: a good few; number of all-schools sent: 0 (fortunately); number of times on stage in Walker for the Record: 1; number of publications worked on before the Record: 1; number of times I’ve wanted to quit the Record: 2 or 3; number of times I’ve actually quit the Record: 0; number of times I feel like I ought to thank staff and writers but didn’t: too many; number of papers published: 15,000; number of papers passed out in the dining hall: about 2,000 I suppose. Amount of appreciation this board deserves for doing such a bang-up job: ∞.
inspired by subtotals by Gregory Burnham (and the LM English curriculum)

Much Love, Jiahua Chen