Inside the Mind of a Manager: Carter Day ’20


Nicholas Lorentzen ’20

On Senior day, Day had the chance to suit up for the team.

Four-year Senior Carter Day ’20 is a three-year manager of the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Day records games and creates highlight tapes for the team’s Instagram account, @hotchkisshoops, as well as helping out in an array of other ways. He, along with co-managers Alaina Colby ’21, Aaron Tandatnick ’22, and Isaac Tandatnick ’22, have helped the team to a great deal of success.

When and why did you first start managing?
I started managing in my Lower Mid year because I had heard a lot about what my predecessor, Kenneth Wu ’18, had done with the basketball team. [Managing] seemed like a really cool and unique opportunity to pursue as a part of my high school experience. It also fit in with some interests I had developed. Managing was [also] an intriguing opportunity with a good culture around the team. It was something I wanted to be a part of in whatever capacity I could.

What has been the most enjoyable part of managing?
The most enjoyable thing for me has been seeing how much the support for the basketball team has grown over the past three years. It has been great seeing how much more people are interested in what we are doing [on the court] and what we have done on social media.
It has been rewarding to see how the love and support for the team has grown at such a fast rate. Even though I do not play, feeling like I have some role in helping with that has been a nice feeling [and is] very rewarding. I am very grateful that I have [managed the team].

What do you do on a day-to-day basis as a manager?
Between me and the three other managers on the team, we basically split up tasks. I usually make sure all the practice gear is in the gym and everything is down from the cage. Every now and then, I will fill up the water [bottles] and get the med-kit.
In general, we make sure [that] everything is set up and ready to go, so that [the players] can be ready to go for practice.
I run the clock for scrimmages and drills and make sure everything is running smoothly. Aaron and I have been working on some more advanced stats for the team. I [also] make videos and content for social media. Everyday is different, but I keep myself busy.

What has been the most exciting moment or highlight from your time managing?
I think it would have to be last year’s playoff game against Tabor. We got unlucky, because we were a #3 seed and technically should have had a home game in Fowle, but since Tabor was more than 3 hours away, we were forced to play at a neutral site. Initially, the team was frustrated by this, but it was amazing to see the administration and entire Hotchkiss community rally around to get almost a third of the student body to go to the game. It was great to see that support. I remember going into the pregame huddle and, all of a sudden, a sea of fans poured into Avon’s gym. It changed the whole atmosphere. That was definitely something I’ll never forget, and it was such a good example of school spirit and why we have the best fans in New England. Making the video for that win was awesome.

How will you continue your passion for sports media after Hotchkiss?
I definitely hope to continue sports media both in college and [as] a career. I have done summer programs related to it and have tried to learn and practice as much as I can, because sports have always been a part of my life. I want to do something similar in college to what I have done with Hotchkiss Hoops, whether by managing or just creating content in general. Right now, I plan to make a career out of sports media.