Getting Sentimental

I’m going into my Senior spring, and it looks like it’s time for me to figure out how to wax sentimental. I’ve never been particularly good at that, but here we go.
It was around this time 3 years ago that I first started writing for The Record. Some people say they feel like these types of things happened just yesterday, but not me. To me, it feels like eons ago that I accidentally stumbled into the meeting too early and stumbled towards the section that yelled to me the loudest. The memory feels like I’m seeing it deep underwater, refracted and unclear. Maybe it’s because so much has happened since. High school sometimes feels like an entire lifetime jam-packed into four years. (If that’s the case, The Record was definitely my day job.)
What I do remember, though, is why I stayed. It’s difficult to put into words, but seeing my name on the page, seeing my words on the paper – it’s so fulfilling. The memories might feel distant, but that feeling is still as close as ever.
When I came on as an editor, I found another reason to stay: the people. I shudder to think that, if I’d never joined The Record, I might never have met some of the best people I’ve had the chance to get to know. To all the editors, past and present, with whom I’ve had the honor of working, thank you. Jiahua, Maura, Nicholas, I can’t think of better EiCs than you all. And thank you to Ms. Villano and Ms. Wynn, who have come to our aid countless times in their infinite wisdom and patience.
And so The Record comes first in the long line of things I must leave behind. Thanks again, everyone; it was fun while it lasted.

— Charlie Knight