Trekking with the Outing Club

Students looking for an opportunity to get off campus and enjoy the natural world should pay close attention to the Outing Club emails arriving in their inboxes. The Outing Club hosts activities almost every week on Wednesday or Sunday afternoons. These activities have included hiking, camping and will soon include backpacking.
This year, the Outing Club heads are working to increase the number of activities it offers. Club head Jack Johnson ’22 said, “We are trying to hold one outing per week, at the [least], biweekly. We are…open to newcomers with no experience whatsoever.”
Not only does the Outing Club provide opportunities to get outside and interact with nature, it also allows students to meet peers of all grade levels and from many backgrounds. Faculty advisor Mrs. Sarinda Wilson P’15, 17, instructor in French, said, “The group of students at each trip is never exactly the same. Even just after a [two-] hour hike, students will return to campus knowing one more person who they didn’t before.”
The Outing Club makes the most of the school’s proximity to many local options for hiking and backpacking, such as the Appalachian Trail. This and other trails are all close enough to campus to be reached within an hour.
The club hopes to provide students with the opportunity to visit new places and experience new things. Mrs. Wilson said, “Everyone belongs [in the] Outing club. Everyone’s interests vary from one activity to another, so you can just sign up for what you are interested in.”
The Outing Club leadership understands that students lead busy lives and tries to organize some activities with a low time-commitment. For example, short hiking trips on Sundays give students a break from work and immerse themselves in nature.
In the future, the Outing Club will continue to expand its range of activities. Club heads hope to include overnight backpacking trips.
To get involved with the Outing Club, email the club heads at [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].