The Importance of Bleeding Blue

At the beginning of each November, school spirit reaches its peak as Hotchkiss celebrates its long-standing rivalry with Taft. Main hallway becomes nearly unrecognizable, as students eagerly cover the walls with psych cards, posters, and streamers. Blue and White organizes various activities, such as the pep rally and bonfire, which help get students excited for the upcoming competitions. When Taft Day finally arrives, the Blue Mob gathers in Main Circle before dispersing to cheer on Thirds, JV, and Varsity teams. Students truly do get out, get loud, and bleed blue. Come the following Monday, however, everyone packs their cowbells and blue paint away for next year. However, while the decorations may come down, that doesn’t mean the level of school spirit should too.
Other than Taft Day, you rarely see students bring this level of school spirit to games or events. Most students settle for wearing a Hotchkiss sweatshirt once in a while, and would rather stay in their rooms on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon than attend a game. Even the few who venture out of their rooms tend to only support Varsity teams, leaving their peers on Thirds and JV teams feeling forgotten.
We understand Hotchkiss is a busy place and we all have many commitments, but we should make more of an effort to support our peers, even if that means going to a game for only 15 minutes. Demonstrating school spirit plays a crucial role in developing the unified community we strive to become, one in which we support and encourage one another. It helps build relationships between students, promote involvement in other opportunities on campus, and establish a collective Hotchkiss identity. As a school community, we need to truly embrace the “Camp Hotchkiss” vibe that Luke and Maggie opened the school with: community comes first.
This year, keep the spirit going after Taft Day. If you are free on a Wednesday afternoon, go support your friends during their games. Cheer them on as they make an epic shot or score a goal in the final minutes. Congratulate someone on their recent theatre performance or thank a FFEAT member for their contributions on the farm. Attend a Calliope performance or enjoy a music recital in Elfer’s. Demonstrate your pride for your peers and this school. Doing so will no doubt help make this community a more welcoming and supportive space for everyone.