Mountain Biking in High Gear

Although the Mountain Biking team is only in its fourth year, the team is dominating the league. It has expanded rapidly and nearly doubled in size since its inaugural year, with 14 bikers now on the roster. Charlie McLean ’22 said, “On the first day of practice, I couldn’t believe I was looking at the [same] mountain biking team, because [it had] never been so big.”
This growth has helped the team secure a strong start to the season. At every meet, the team has had top finishers, and new riders that have begun to emerge as serious contirbuters. The team’s deep roster has allowed it to place higher than Kent, which has multiple notably strong riders.
During practices, Head Coach Michael Fitzgerald and Assistant Coach Ted Miller have created a training schedule that is helping riders develop. Heavy conditioning has helped the team work on its stamina and its ability to finish races. The team is getting more time off the bikes with a regimen of lifting.
Novice riders have fit in effortlessly and are looking towards consolidating basic skills and really turning up the speed. Captain Alex Takoudes ’20 commented on the development of new bikers saying, “For our newer riders, improving their skills is the most important aspect of this season. Really just getting used to the bike and able to have fun riding on the trails and ride efficiently.”
The influx of newcomers to the team helps with the chemistry and is developing an even more upbeat team dynamic. Takoudes touched on the importance of the chemistry, saying, “As a captain, my most important responsibility is bringing the team together as a family on and off the trails. The team chemistry this year has been better than we have ever seen before. Everyone has been having fun riding this season and really enjoying everything we do. They are all excited to learn new skills that we teach them and become the best riders they can.”
As a result of new contributors as well as consistent Seniors, the team has found major success on the trails.
Previously, at the team’s first home race against Kent, South Kent, Berkshire, Salisbury, and IMS, the team placed first among all the teams. The Mountain Biking team races against IMS on October 30 at IMS and hopes to build upon their record with another win.