Girls JV Field Hockey Comes Together

Thanks to a strong team dynamic, the Girls JV Field Hockey team kicked off its season with a 1-1-1 record.
The team features both returners and new members, many of whom started on the Thirds team last year. Usually found on the ’49 Fields, the girls work hard at improving their skills during each practice, despite the many bothersome bugs which also call the fields home.
Coaches Ms. Brittany Giacco, instructor in mathematics, and Mrs. Maggie Crain, associate director of admissions, work together to push the team and improve players’ stick skills. Each week consists of conditioning on Mondays and Thursdays and technical skills practice on Tuesdays and Fridays, all to prepare for Wednesday and Friday games.
As the season progresses, the team bonds continues to grow stronger. Victoria Chen ’21 said, “The supportiveness of the whole team has been a huge factor behind my improvement, because it allows me to try new skills during practice without the fear of making mistakes.”
This year’s captains, Annabel Evison ’20 and Anne Seaman ’20, have endeavored to bring positive energy to each practice when leading the team through warmups and drills. They also host team dinners every night after practice to foster a more supportive and united atmosphere.

We already have a much closer group dynamic that has helped us as a team

— Annabel Evison ’20

Both captains emphasized their love for each member of the team, along with how much they have enjoyed being able to step into the role of captain. Evison stated, “We already have a much closer group dynamic that has helped us as a team.”
The team is looking to improve from last season by playing with greater positivity and skill. This is a goal carried over from last year, when the high energy helped push the team to greater heights.

Much like last year, the team has jumped out to a lukewarm start. Last year, the team began the season with four straight ties. Similarly, the team has started its 2020 season with a .500 record.
However, the team came out on top against teams it was unable to beat in previous years. The Deerfield game is typically very close, with both teams having the opportunity to come out with the win. Last year, the Deerfield game ended in a 1-1 stalemate, with neither team finding an offfensive spark. However, this year the team emereged with a strong 4-1 victory.
Though it performed better against Deerfield, the team lost 2-1 to Greenwich Academy on September 28.
The early success is in large part due to the team’s aggressive strategy, which allows them to pull ahead at the beginning of the game and not let up until the final whistle. If the team can stay consistent, it has the potential to improve on last year’s record.
The team is now preparing for its big Family Weekend game this Saturday against Sacred Heart. The team will be on its home field on the ’49 Fields at 3:15 p.m.