Coach’s Corner: Brodie Quinn ’11

Brodie Quinn ’ 11 has stepped into his new role as the director of athletic performance and fitness, as well as defensive coordinator of the Varsity Football Team. Quinn came to Hotchkiss as a postgraduate in the Fall of 2010, playing football and baseball. Throughout his career, he has been a part of renowned strength and conditioning programs across the country. He is also a faculty advisor to the Hotchkiss Fitness Society and a dorm affiliate in Coy. The community is excited to welcome Coach Quinn back to Lakeville.

What what do you do on a daily basis in your job?
Most of my day-to-day [time] is spent training our athletes, whether it’s in the weight room, at practices, during lifting sessions, or conditioning teams, as well as running our Team Training (formerly known as Dynamic) in all three seasons.

What is your favorite aspect of your job and why?
By far, the greatest part of my day and of my job in general is witnessing [athletes] grow and advance as humans, as students, and as athletes. Holistically, that is the most rewarding part of my job.

Could you describe your journey as a student and athlete?
I went [for] four years [to a] high school in Pittsfield Massachusetts [called] St. Joseph’s Central High School. I was then a postgraduate here [graduating in 2011]. I then went on to Springfield College, where I played Football for four years, was a captain, and studied applied exercise science.
During that time, I was able to intern at different places, [including] a private gym in Indianapolis called iFast, which is run by Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman – two pretty big names in the strength and conditioning community. My second internship was with Florida State University, which was during an entire summer, and that’s how I ended up being offered a Graduate Assistant position at Florida State.
I was at FSU for three-and-a-half years, and also got my Masters in exercise physiology. While there, I got the largest chunk of my experience in terms of coaching at a high level. I got to interact with and train Olympians, in terms of the graduates who were [on the] Florida State Track and Field [team], which is a pretty historical program. I worked with Olympic sports, which is basically everything other than football. But mainly, I was working with softball, volleyball, track and field, [and] tennis, which were all very high level teams at the time.
From there, I left collegiate strength and conditioning, and entered the private sector out of curiosity. I was there for a year, and it wasn’t for me, but I learned a lot of great tools that I can now bring back to the school setting.
After that, I did a little bit of consulting work with Texas A&M University Football, as well as [with] the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL for OTA’s [Organized Team Activities, non-contact practices before mini-camp begins]. And then, I landed back here.

How would you describe your coaching style?
I would describe my coaching style as direct [laughs] and also…holistic. [By this I mean] that I try to be as direct as possible, but I also understand some scenarios where it requires a different approach.
What’s the best way to get involved in the fitness program here at Hotchkiss?
Any of the Team Training co-curriculars are a great way to get involved and further your athletic performance, but I would say to just email me. And if I don’t respond, email me again. And if I [still] don’t respond, swing by my office. If I am not responding, it is because I am away from my computer in the weight room training you guys.