Ms. Moore Appointed Director of Gallery

After nine years of co-directing the Tremaine Gallery, starting this year, Ms. Terri Moore will serve as the sole director of the Tremaine Gallery while continuing to occupy her role as an art instructor.
Despite her parents’ hopes that she become a doctor, Ms. Moore decided to pursue her interest in the arts in college. Ms. Moore’s works have been featured in multiple professional venues, including 18 Rabbit Gallery, Wassaic Project, and Morrison Gallery. While working as a professional artist in art programs such as “Impact,” she has also created her own business, “Blue Door Studios.”
Ms. Moore started her career as an instructor in visual art at Hotchkiss in 2002. She said, “[At] Hotchkiss, I got to know my wonderful colleagues Mr. Brad Faus P’10 and Mr. Charles Noyes ’78, and I have both the opportunities to be an artist and a teacher, which is all I’ve dreamed about doing.”
When envisioning the gallery’s future, Ms. Moore has in mind shows that will create a space for thoughtful consideration as students and faculty stop by the gallery to take a temporary break from their busy schedules.
Ms. Moore recognizes the challenge she faces as a coordinator. “I have helped many artists and curators mount exhibitions,” Ms. Moore said, “but I didn’t always have a voice. And being an artist myself, I recognize the difficulty of reaching a consensus between the artists and curators over presentation of the exhibit.”
Ms. Moore’s favorite past Tremaine Gallery exhibit was Ellen Driscoll’s The Loophole of Retreat, curated by Mr. Noyes. The Loophole of Retreat was a sculptural installation adapted from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, the memoir of former slave Harriet Jacobs. Ms. Moore said, “I was moved by the message behind Driscoll’s portrayal of the horrors of American slavery, the hardships of the Underground Railroad, and the re-creation of the mental and sensual experiences [that] impacted the viewers greatly.”
Ms. Moore’s appointment excites many. Her colleague, Mr. Brad Faus, director of visual art, said, “Given Ms. Moore’s rich, hands-on experience with Tremaine and many other galleries, I’m excited about any upcoming event(s) she has planned.”
Ms. Moore’s students also look forward to seeing her vision come to the Gallery. Isabel Su ’22 said, “I love her optimism, and I believe Ms. Moore [will] bring her unique vivacity to the Gallery.”
Yuka Masamura ’21 said, “Her knowledge of art and her enthusiasm [for] teaching is what I love about her. I also enjoyed the J.J. Audubon show; in the future, I hope to visit an exhibition composed of works by Hotchkiss art teachers.”
Ms. Moore worked closely with the Sharon Historical Society on the current Tremaine exhibit, Wild and Beautiful Creatures, which will be on view until October 13.
In the future, Ms. Moore aims to curate interdisciplinary exhibitions that interact with curricula at the school in disciplines as diverse as science and the Humanities.