Boys Varsity Cross Country Runs as a Pack

After a successful season last year, the Boys Varsity Cross Country team is hoping to bring the same energy, unity, and discipline into this year’s season. Although many changes were made this season, the team strives to integrate its new members while preserving traditions from previous years.
Cross country often seems like an individual sport, with each runner keeping their own pace. However, the coaches and captains wish to emphasize the team’s commitment to run for one another.
Captain Kostia Howard ’20 elaborated on what it means to the team to run for one another. He states, “Pack running, that is running together in small groups, and strength training are two aspects we have focused on so far. In terms of themes, we like to emphasize the unity of our team. When you’re struggling to crest Cardiac, you remember that everyone is in the same boat, and you owe it to them to make that final push.”
Another priority for the team this year is staying in shape, which it acheives through fitness training, discipline, and hard work. To help accomplish that goal, the team will be joined by Mr. Nathan Seidenberg and Mr. Samuel Somera, coaches of track-and-field. Coach Somera, with his experience running the 800m at Syracuse, brings novel workout plans to the team, while Coach Seidenberg will work with the team in the weight room to build strength and aid with injury prevention. Cross country runners are prone to overuse injuries, so it is critical that the team stays in good health with the long season ahead.
Last year, 11 four-year seniors, who made up a large portion of the program, graduated. To make up for this, the coaches hope to see more preps participate in cross country.
In practices, runners are divided into three levels of experience and do workouts customized to each level. Head Coach Pierre Yoo said, “I rely a lot on Preps, who will stay for a long period of time, so that they understand what we are building – understand that we run for fun, for each other, unbroken and never quit.”
With the changes being made this year, the Boys Varsity Cross Country Team hopes to build on achievements from preceding seasons. Next, the team will compete in the Canterbury Invitational on September 21.