Watson Workshop Highlights Queer Art


Zachary Drucker

A self portrait by by transgender photographer Zachary Drucker.

The Watson Workshop Series will continue with Instructor in Art Ms. Terri Moore’s presentation on the queer art scene in New York City.
In the 1980s, “queer” was reappropriated as a celebratory term to describe the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. Queer art seeks to explore the variety of queer identities through art forms including photography, abstract painting, collage, and sculpture.
Similar to the previous two workshops, “LGBTQ in the Workplace: An Evolving Landscape” and “LGBTQ, Gender and the Supreme Court,” Ms. Moore’s workshop will include an informational portion as well as a Q&A. Hannah Lothian ’19, a Watson proctor, spoke on the significance of this workshop. She said, “I think the impact is representation. It is also seeing how identity influences art, and how a different perspective and a different experience shows itself in artwork, or maybe even how it doesn’t show itself.”
Lothian looks forward to seeing the community come together for the workshop. She said, “I’m excited to see people who don’t necessarily live in Watson enjoy Watson. Being able to invite the whole Hotchkiss community into our common room is a way of saying we aren’t just the dorm far off in the corner, we are part of Hotchkiss.”
“The Queer Art Scene in NYC” will be the final workshop in the three-part series. It will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, in Watson Common Room.