Recruits Strengthen Lacrosse’s Attack


David Li ’21

Gianna Bruno ’19 is one of the new recruits who are bolstering the team this season.

With the talent of new players combined with the experience and leadership of returning seniors, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is coming in strong this spring.
Starting with team bonding during their trip to Orlando, Florida over spring break, returning players worked to make new players feel like a part of the team. Co-captain SK Hurlock ’19 said, “Bringing new players into a team is mainly about getting to know them and checking up on them throughout…practice to make sure they are having fun and feeling at home.”
At the start of the season, it seemed as though the team would be relying on its experienced defensive players. After its first few games, however, it became apparent that new players were making their mark on offense as well. A strengthened attack has had a notable effect on the team’s results, with an uptick in goals scored compared with last year. Co-captain Katherine Goldstuck ’19 reflected, “There’s a bit more drive on the attacking end; there’s a lot of players who aren’t afraid to go for it at all times.”
Many on the team emphasized the need to maintain this drive during games. Although the team always starts games strong, maintaining focus and consistency for the full 50 minutes is a challenge. “It’s really important we go into every game, [with] the same mindset,” said Goldstuck, “and continue the same intensity from the first whistle to the last whistle.”

“It’s really important we go into every game, [with] the same mindset, and continue the same intensity from the first whistle to the last whistle.”

— Katherine Goldstuck ’19

During practice, the team has been working on offensive plays and defensive breakouts to ensure quick turnarounds when goalie Jillian Kane ’21 makes a save and clears the ball. To get more comfortable under pressure, the team practices ground ball competitions and doubling drills, where defenders double-team on attackers. Throughout the season, the girls also enjoy the challenge of intra-team competitions, and they keep a running score of these competitions during the entire season to keep things “fun and competitive,” according to Hurlock. Competitions such as these ensure that the players give their maximum effort during practice.
This year they have also been focusing on mental well-being off the field. Having a good frame of mind outside of games and practices helps the players stay focused on working hard. Co-captain Abby Hillebrecht ’19 said, “This year our team has focused a lot on our physical and mental well-being off the field because, arguably, that means even more to our game than our work on the field.”
Many feel that the team is coming into the season with a more well-rounded group. The new players have brought skills that complement the strengths and weaknesses of returning players, and with strong leadership from the veterans on the team, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has high hopes for what they will accomplish this season. Head Coach Anna Traggio said, “We need to maintain this newfound confidence and get out there and want to be better every day.”
The team will play Deerfield Saturday May 4 and Ms. Porters Wednesday May 8. Both games are at home.