Chicks With Guns Inspires Students

Alumna Lindsay McCrum’s ’75 show opened in the Tremaine Gallery

Lindsay McCrum ’75 returned to the Hotchkiss campus 43 years after graduating to share her artwork with current visual arts and photography students. Her exhibit, ‘Chicks with Guns,’ pictures women firearm owners from across the country. Described by photo student Oliver Leeds’19, as “an interplay between beauty and violence,” the exhibit explores the heated political topics of guns and women’s empowerment. Her fascinating portraits challenge the traditional association of guns with masculinity.

McCrum selects her models by word of mouth. McCrum says she attempts to keep her art nonpolitical and examine social constructs instead. She has explored gender roles in society in past projects 25/50 and Superheroes and Commandos. In these exhibitions, McCrum reflects on male gender roles and stereotypes in society especially in the context of evolving pop culture. Her exhibit Dress Up examined young girls and beauty standards in present-day society. Even though she may use incredible equipment herself, McCrum emphasizes the fact that one does not need the newest, fanciest gear to capture the perfect photo.  

When asked what he found most interesting about the exhibit, Mr. Greg Lock, instructor in photography, commented on the organization of both the portrait and narrative, saying, “the combination breaks down your preconceived ideas of when you first experienced the piece so that when you read it you actually get a deeper understanding of what’s actually going on and what was the intention of the artist in taking the picture in the first place.”