Boys JV Golf Drives For Success


David Li '21

Golfer Jack Henshaw ’19 is one of 14 new members of Boys JV Golf.

After a wet and chilly start to the spring season, the Boys JV Golf team can finally get out onto the golf course.
Only two out of the 16 players are returners, so the team is stocked with talented players eager to learn more about the game. The team’s philosophy, centered on fun, helps create a relaxed atmosphere. Reflecting on his players’ bonding, Head Coach Doug Kneeland ‘89 said, “Talking with kids from previous years, [what] they love the most is [that] after away-matches we end up going out to dinner.”
For an individual sport like golf, building a strong team dynamic can be more difficult than in other sports. However, with a focus on simply enjoying the game and getting to know their teammates, the team is working together to create a solid culture. Even though the majority of the players are new, the team has bonded quickly. Kneeland said, “The idea in practice is to work on their mental game, making right decisions on the course, but also having fun, making sure they are meeting new people, and working together to have a good time.”

The idea in practice is to work on their mental game, making right decisions on the course, but also having fun and making sure they are meeting new people.

— Doug Kneeland

After a 9-8 record last season, the team is looking to improve its skill and work on techniques together. The coaches prepare the players who compete in matches to push themselves to improve to a higher level, in the hopes of earning a spot on Varsity in subsequent years. For all players, especially those who do not compete in matches, Kneeland remarked, “A goal is to teach them a skill that they’ll be able to enjoy for the rest of their li[ves].”
During practice, the players work on basic drills, driving the ball, and focus. Strategically, the team works on competition with a practice drill called “Scramble,” in which players split into teams and all hit the ball from one location. After everyone hits, all players move their ball to the place where the best shot landed before continuing play. Games like this help add an element of fun to practice while also improving skills and accuracy.
The team looks forward to a promising season. They already have a 4-1-1 record, after winning matches against Loomis Chaffee, Taft, Indian Mountain, and Brunswick and tying Kent.
The team awaits its next challenge against Salisbury and Kent on May 6th at Sharon Country Club.