Athletes of the Issue: Sami Thomas ’19


Tom Honan

Sami Thomas ’19 started golfing at the age of 12.

Sami Thomas ’19 is a four-year Senior and Captain of the Girls Varsity Golf team. In the winter season, Sami also captained Girls Varsity Swimming. Sami led the golf team to a Founders League Championship and third-place finish at the Pippy O’Connor Golf Championship. Ellie Farrington ’19 said, “Sami has been a great captain this season, bringing a positive attitude to every practice, and encouraging all of her teammates during both practices and matches.”
When did you start golfing?
I started golfing around the age of 12. It started with weekly practices that my parents forced me to go to. I played my first golf tournament at Hotchkiss freshman year, and it grew from there. I started playing tournaments during the summer and found a lot more joy in the sport as I got better.
Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My dad is a big inspiration for my interest in golf. Golf can be really infuriating at times, [but] my dad reminds me how fun the game is. We always play golf together during the holidays and weekends, and it is one of my favorite activities to do with him. I know that I will be able to have these special moments with my dad for a long time.
What is your favorite memory or achievement?
Last year, we had a really good season. We were nervous going into our dual match against Loomis, as we knew they were a competitive team. Our team ended up winning that match, although it was very close. It was a great feeling, and we had a successful undefeated season [afterwards]. Also, winning Founder’s this year was really special, as it was my last golf match ever, and [an] unexpected win.
How does the team get along?
The team is small, which makes the environment really close-knit. I feel comfortable talking to any of the girls and the [Head] Coach, Mr. Bolmer. Practice is always fun, and the golf team is a big part of my spring at Hotchkiss. Golf matches, especially away ones, take a long time, so the team gets close pretty quickly.
What are your plans after Hotchkiss? How has Hotchkiss helped prepare you for your future?
During the summer, golf is an individual sport, but at Hotchkiss I was lucky to get a healthy and memorable team experience. Being on a team has taught me [many] important skills that are going to take me far in college and in the real world. I wouldn’t trade my time on the Hotchkiss golf team for anything in the world. Golf is a skill that I can use for the rest of my life. I’m also going to a school where I could join the golf team, and I am looking into that this summer.