Athletes of the Issue: Abby Hillebrecht ’19

Abby Hillebrecht ’19 is a four-year Senior and co-captain of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team. In the fall and winter seasons, Hillebrecht captained the Varsity Field Hockey team and was a member of the Girls Varsity Hockey team, respectively. This Fall, she led the Varsity Field Hockey Team to the New England Championship Finals. Meagan Campbell ’21 said, “She’s a great leader and teammate. She motivates us to work our hardest while keeping the vibe positive and fun.”
When did you start playing field hockey, lacrosse, and hockey?
I have been playing hockey my whole life, as it is our “family sport.” I started when I was just five years old. I have been playing lacrosse for almost as long, but I picked up field hockey at Hotchkiss at the urging of [Assistant Coach Robin Chandler].
What were your goals for this season?
Because it was my last lacrosse season at Hotchkiss, my goal was to enjoy the time I had out on Downing [Field] with my friends. Of course, I wanted our team to succeed, and I wanted to play well myself, but it was really all about making sure everyone was having fun playing the sport we love.
Do you have any game-day traditions?
On game days, we have team breakfast and lunch, and after[wards] in the locker room, we have a little dance party to the Jonas Brothers’ [song] “Year 3000!” That song has been our pregame song for years. I also have lucky game-day hair ties.
How has the Lacrosse team changed during your four years?
The team itself feels different every year, with the addition of new players and loss of seniors, but our traditions and strong work ethic always produce a successful season. Of course, my transition from being a Prep to a Senior leader comes with responsibilities. I have had an amazing experience learning from my coaches and teammates over the years.
What are some things that you’ve learned from the lacrosse program here that you hope to carry with you?
I have learned that team connection on and off the field breeds success. We have had very talented players over the years, and our most successful moments were when we all used our skills together. I have also learned that tenacity, confidence, and composure are the best qualities to have as an athlete.
Who is an athlete or coach who inspires you?
A coach I have looked up to since day one is Robin Chandler ’87. In every way she is a quintessential Bearcat – she loves the school, she loves her players, she knows hard work, she knows how to have fun, she knows how to lead, and most importantly, she inspires all of her players to become better athletes and women.
What are your plans for college? Will you be continue to play sports in college?
Next year, I [will] have the privilege of playing lacrosse at Middlebury. I am so excited, and I love Vermont!