Athlete of the Issue: Amanda Hill ’19


Mahmood Almadeh '20

Amanda Hill ’19 has been throwing for three years.

Amanda Hill is a three-year Senior and co-captain of the Girls Varsity Track and Field team. In the fall season, she was a goalie for Girls Varsity Field Hockey and co-captain of the Girls JV Hockey in the winter. Track and Field co-captain Maddie Rego ’19 said, “Amanda has been a great teammate these past three seasons of Track and Field. Whether in the weight room or on the field, her work ethic has rubbed off on new athletes. This not only makes her a great captain, but also a great role model.”
How did you get involved with Track and Field?
I started throwing when I came to Hotchkiss as a Lower Mid. I had always played softball in the spring at home, but I wanted to try something new. I decided on throwing, because I thought my softball skills would transfer, even though the form for each of the throwing events is clearly completely different. I’ve learned a lot and met a great group of teammates through Track and Field, and it’s ultimately become an integral piece of my Hotchkiss experience.
What is your favorite memory of the Track and Field team?
Watching Ryan Pinckney ’18 run the final leg of the 4×400 against Choate last year [was memorable]. He was racing a Choate boy who had beat him the previous season, and they were both so determined to finish first. I’ve never seen anyone push himself as hard as Ryan did [during] that meet. He ended up winning by the narrowest margin, and he and the Choate runner both collapsed on the end line from running so hard. I remember them congratulating one another afterwards, and I realized that that’s what it means to leave everything out on the track. It was an incredible moment to watch, and it’s something I want to keep in mind going into this season.
Do you have any traditions on meet-day?
The last events in every meet are the 3,000 and the 4×400 relay. All the other running and field events are finished by the time [runners in those events] start, so we all make a circle around the track to cheer on the long-distance runners and sprinters. Afterwards, the whole team comes together for a cheer; we jump and yell, “Tikki tikki!” It’s an exciting way to end a meet.
How has the Track and Field team changed during your three years at Hotchkiss?
We’ve made a few adjustments in how we run practices and meets. For example, we started a word or phrase of the day this year. Before each practice, my co-captains and I choose a saying for our teammates to keep in mind throughout the day. They’ve been anything from “perseverance” to “tree,” but my personal favorite so far is “snap, crackle, pop.”
What are some goals for this season?
Personally, my goal is to beat my personal best from last year in both shotput and discus. For the team, one of our main goals is to encourage everyone to improve, whether they regularly win events or are just starting out. Every single athlete contributes to the team’s overall success when they work hard and encourage others to do the same, so it’s important for us to emphasize the team aspect of track and celebrate personal bests throughout the season.
What do you enjoy most about Track and Field?
I love [that] Track and Field allows me to be a part of small and large communities simultaneously. We have over 100 people on the team, so there’s always someone around to help set up or cheer on an event. At the same time, within each event, there’s a smaller group of teammates who practice together and lean on one another. The opportunity to join both a small, tight-knit group of throwers as well as a large and supportive team has been incredible.
What are you most looking forward to this season?
As [a] captain this year, I’m looking forward to taking on a more active role in setting up meets, keeping everyone focused and motivated, and leading the team to a great season. I already know a lot about throwing, but I think being a captain this year will push me to learn more about Track and Field as a whole. I’m also looking forward to seeing Preps, Lower Mids, and Upper Mids grow and take on new challenges, since they’ll be the ones who define Hotchkiss Track and Field after the Seniors leave. It’s definitely bittersweet to think about graduation in May, but I’m excited to end my time here with Track and Field season. I know my coaches and teammates will continue to make Track and Field as supportive, challenging, and fun as it’s been for me.
Are you planning on continuing throwing in college?
I’ll definitely join some kind of club or intramural team. I’m not sure yet whether it’ll be a sport I’ve done before or something completely new, but I’m open to seeing what happens once I get there.