Two Spring Teams Canceled


Shania Zhu ’18

Liz Williams ’19 gets ready to shoot.

Unfortunately, the athletics program is down two girls teams this spring. There was not sufficient interest in the Girls JV Softball or Girls Varsity Water Polo teams, prompting their cancellations.
The two teams tried to reach out and recruit more students, but as the spring season got closer, it became evident that there would not be enough interest. Ms. Robin Chandler ’87, co-director of athletics, stated, “Sadly there were not enough [students] signed up for either team so that we could compete at the level we were hoping to. We did not anticipate this and had to cancel scheduled contests with many of our peer schools.”
The Girls’ Softball and Water Polo programs at Hotchkiss both have long histories. The softball program dates back to the late 1970s, while the Girls Water Polo program started in 2002. When softball started, there were both Varsity and JV teams. This lasted until 2005, when the JV program folded. The Varsity team then became a JV team about six years ago. Water Polo has had more recent beginnings, and it has only ever had one team.
The loss of these two teams may not be permanent. Chandler wrote that a return is still possible. “For now, we are not planning to rule out either team making a comeback in future years,” she said.
The loss of these sports limited female athletes’ choices this season, which disappointed some. However, one positive addition to the girls athletic program this year has been the Rowing team. Rowing is a new co-ed sport and has become a popular destination for students this spring.
However, the most popular destination for those who were forced to switch their co-curricular has been Track and Field. Track and Field has always attracted a large number of athletes as a robust sport in its own right, as well as a great way to improve fitness, speed, and explosiveness for other sports.
The athletic directors will continue to try to bring back the two programs for future students to enjoy.