Spring Trips Give Teams a Head Start


Tyler Wosleger

Boys Varsity Baseball on their trip to Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida.

Over Spring Break, the Co-ed Sailing, Boys and Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and Boys Varsity Baseball teams traveled across the country to train for the upcoming season.
The Sailing team traveled to The Edison Sailing Center in Fort Myers, Florida. Its days included two practices and time for team bonding to help the team improve both on and off the water. John Eastman ’20 said, “We didn’t spend much time alone in our rooms, because we were constantly focused on sailing. When we did have free time, we always spent it together.”
The team created strong relationships between returners and first-year sailors. Their training helped knock off rust that had accumulated during the offseason.
About three hours away, in Orlando, Florida, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team was at Disney World preparing for its season. The girls flew down to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, which boasts lacrosse fields and indoor arenas, along with a plethora of different game-day services. The team was able to use its time to both review fundamentals and practice complex offensive and defensive plays.
The girls spent their downtime exploring the attractions at the nearby Disney Resort. Girls Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach Anna Traggio emphasized the need to balance work and play in such a fun environment. She said, “I want to make sure that the girls are learning enough…and get[ting] in shape for the season, but it’s still their spring break, and I appreciate that.”
The girls were able to focus and work hard on the field, which helped them win their first two games back from break.
Two-thousand miles to the west, the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team was in full swing at the Trilogy Lacrosse Complex in Casa Grande, Arizona. After starting each day with a 6:15 a.m. workout, the boys spent over six hours either on the field or in the gym. Co-captain Tyler Mackesy ’20 said, “We were there to get better, and time on the field only helped that happen.”
At Trilogy, the team saw its offensive and defensive plays come together, and off the field the boys were often in each other’s company. From the therapy pools to the dining hall, the athletes were constantly together, forging new friendships and strengthening existing ones.
The Boys Varsity Baseball team also traveled to Florida, spending just under a week in historic Dodgertown. Like other teams, it worked on improving upon its skills and team bonding. The team hopes that the extra time together will pay off this season.
The Sailing, Boys and Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and Boys Varsity Baseball teams have all benefitted from their Spring trips. Sailing has begun its season 6-0, Girls Varsity Lacrosse 3-0, Boys Varsity Lacrosse is 1-1, and Boys Varsity Baseball is 0-2, owing to a tough opening schedule.