Art Talk Inspires New Perspectives


Mahmood Almadeh ’20

Mark Wilson encourages students to combine skills from other fields with art.

Last Thursday, local artist Mark Wilson GP ’19 gave an art talk in the Tremaine Art Gallery, sharing his unique art, made with computer software.
During the talk, he challenged students and teachers alike to consider ways that artists can use skills from other fields, such as mathematics and programming. He also encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones and think about art with new perspectives.
The gallery holds art talks three to four times a year to inspire art students and invite them into close conversation with professionals. The talks also attract local residents interested in hearing from artists about their work.
Olya Sukonrat ’21, who attended the art talk, said, “Wilson’s ingenuity with complexity and design within each piece is amazing, and I can’t wait for the next artists to come present their exhibits.