Valentine’s Day Festivities Spread Love

In the midst of a cold February, carnations hand-delivered to students’ dorm rooms will bring warmth to the community on Valentine’s Day. As in past years, the Lower Mid class presidents and class council held the annual carnations sale and the Upper Mid class sold matchmaker tests. Profits from the sales will be added to class funds and used to support class events.

In December, the Lower Mid class ordered 4,000 carnations from a local florist to be delivered this week. After an announcement during class meeting from Lower Mid Co-class Presidents, Olivia Mooney ’21 and Will Muse ’21, in which they encouraged students to help out, more than 100 Lower Mid students volunteered to sell carnations at meals, cut flowers, sort accompanying notes, and deliver them on the night of Valentine’s Day. Mrs. Christina Cooper, dean of the class of 2021 and instructor in english, said, “It’s about teamwork, and it’s about understanding what it takes to run a big operation. Selling 4,000 carnations is not a little thing. It’s not as big as running a four-million-dollar company, but you have to be organized and keep track of how many carnations you sell. And it should be fun; that’s part of it too.”

The class presidents also sought to increase community spirit through the event. Mooney said, “It brings a lot of people together. By setting up in the dining hall with the carnation sign and having people com[e] over and get all excited and giddy about giving people carnations, we put a better mood into the environment. That makes it really special.”

The Upper Mid class’ matchmaker fundraiser matched each participant with other students with whom they were deemed most compatible. Last month, Upper Mid Class President, Kyle Roshankish ’20, sent out a questionnaire to the student body that aimed to understand participants’ characteristics and desired qualities in their ideal partners. Unlike in last year’s matchmaker event, students could fill out the forms for free, but were required to pay three dollars for the results. Three hundred and fifty students filled out the matchmaker form, which is a significant growth from the 200 signups last year. A matchmaking company generated the results, which were on sale this week.

Bluenotes, the school’s all-male a capella group, also offered serenades throughout the week of February 11. For $3, students could have the group surprise a friend or special someone with a love song.

Valentine’s Day is here to spark lasting warmth in the community. Mrs. Cooper said, “I like to celebrate love. I think love is a very important thing. We need more of it everywhere in the world, but we can start right here.”