Girls Varsity Swimming Makes Waves Before Founders

Hixon Pool hosts several teams over the three sports seasons in each year, but is never as bustling as during the few weeks leading up to the Swimming and Diving Founders League Championship. This event will be held at Hotchkiss for the second year in a row and bring together teams for a day of individual and team events. With the event only a few weeks away, the Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving Team prepares for the massive home meet. Co-captain Shine Peng ’19 recognizes that the swimmers have gained the “incentive to work even harder, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone for each lap, each set, and each day. Our endless support for each other from day one has brought the team closer than ever before as we approach our championship meets.”

Last year, the team placed in the top three at Founders. Members broke several records during their previous season in both swimming and diving, some of which were achieved at Founders. Overall, last year was an extremely successful season for Head Coach Michelle Repass. However, she and her swimmers did not spend much time bathing in their glory, and instead set their sights on the future.

With a strong returning core as well as new recruits, the team’s high expectations from last year have carried over into this season. It currently sports a 5-1 record, with the first and only loss coming from its opening meet against Miss Porter’s at home. After the slow start, the Girls exploded with a close win against Governor’s Academy, followed by decimations of both Loomis and Kent in the next two meets.

Co-captains Liz Williams ’19, Sami Thomas ’19, Shine Peng ’19, and Meredith Moran ’19 have bolstered the team’s spirit with an Instagram account that follows the team’s success and bonding moments. The positive attitude also comes from the vitality added by new players. Thomas said, “Thanks to great work by coaches, captains, and swimmers, morale has remained high [and] we have some new prep additions, who add great energy to the team.”

On the other side of the pool, co-captain of the Diving team, Olivia King ’19, continues to impress fans following her record-breaking season last year. New diver Meera Kasturi ’22 has also made her mark by setting school records in six dives.

Other impact-players who have stood out this year include Jillian Cudney ’19, the current record-holder in several single and team events, including the 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle, the 200-yard medley relay, and the 200-yard freestyle relay.

Cudney and the rest of the team look to impress once again this year, as Founders will be open to visitors on February 20 and live-streamed by the Sports Media Team. As the girls look to create a successful and sustainable program for the future, their best bet at the moment is to concentrate on the opportunity at hand, in order to draw future swimmers and divers to their cause in coming years.

The team will compete against Choate at Hixon Pool on Saturday, February 16th.