January 14 Stu Fac Discusses Changes to Sleepover Policy

The Following are the exact minutes from the January 14 Stu Fac Meeting focused on Sleepover Policy

Sleepovers, Stu-Fac
Faculty Lounge
January 14, 2018
Anne Seaman, Comm. Committee

-Seniors: the day interdorming policy should be reflected in sleepovers (including gender dorm), an online system could help with the concern of safety, sleepovers promote bonding, isolates proctors, put gender in the sleep over policy in more “open terms”
-Uppermids: felt sad, isolation of proctors, being stripped of regular high school experience, watson has a seperate rule for sleepovers, how much sleep you get is a personal choice, have limitations for how many people can sleepover in a dorm, the sleepover policy is an extension of the interdorming policy
Lowermids: isolating from friends in different dorms (loss of friendship), the weekend is a time to catch up with friends, the lowermids in memo are isolated in an upperclassman dorm, hours of sleep is a personal choice, “staying up” happens anyway during the week
-Preps: sleepovers within the dorm would be easier to solve

General Thoughts:
-having “quiet time” sleep hours
-sleepovers should be similar to going off campus (sign in and sign out sheet)
-sleepovers can make others feel excluded
-it is the student’s personal job to make a social effort
-being excluded is part of life and part of highschool- no way to really “eliminate it”
-take off the room limit to help facilitate inclusion
-because of no sleepovers there are people who are being “isolated”
-there are more people who want to sleepover verses those who do not want sleepovers
-sleepovers promote great memories and bonding!!
-talking to the Watson faculty would help determine what would be good sleepover rules for Watson
-have faith in the kindness of the community
-not having sleepovers goes against why a lot of us come to Hotchkiss
-sleepovers is not your only time to bond with people–many chances at boarding school
-sleepovers promotes “true bonds”
-high school students learn best when they feel the punishment of their actions (how much we sleep is our decision)
-give the lowerclassmen a “choice”–they get to choose when to go to bed
-there is still a punishment of “extra work” when students health center during Monday
-students feel that they lost sleepovers for no reason (we feel we are being punished for no reason)
-a “red flag system” for people who miss Monday class after having a sleepover
-create a poll to understand how people feel about the social aspect of sleepovers