Girls JV Squash Bounces Back


Edward Guo ’19

Ashton Welch ’19 winds up for a forehand rail.

Last Wednesday, Girls JV Squash traveled to the Berkshire School and returned with a clean sweep of 7-0. The team had a rocky beginning to the season, losing its first four games when many players were sick with the flu. The team has made a comeback, however, winning two of its past three games. 

The team has a largely new roster this year, with many of the more experienced players joining the Varsity team. Roughly half of the current players are either new to the team or lowerclass students, and, as a result, the team has evolved to fit the dynamic of the new group. Co-captain Ashton Welch ’19 said, “We have developed well as a new team rather than trying to fit a few new people into an old routine.”

Despite the rough start, the team looks poised to turn the season around. It has won three of its last four matches, including dominating victories at Berkshire and Loomis Chaffee, winning 7-0 and 6-1 respectively. Head Coach Lisa Brown expressed pride in her team’s ability to rebound from a tough start. She said, “It has been great to see the girls rise to the occasion; they have fought [to win] many 5-set matches, which has been amazing to watch.”

Coach Brown has been working individually with newer players to improve their skills and teach them new strategies for each match. Whether it be rails, drop shots, serve returns, or boasts, the team works hard to overcome weaknesses and improve skills. Welch said, “It’s really helpful that [Coach Brown] chooses a theme for each practice, so each skill is really ground into our mind and muscles.”

These practice techniques pay off in the matches, too. After the match against Berkshire, Welch said, “We were really impressed with the implementation of a lot of skills we have worked on.”

The team has a particularly strong dynamic this year. Coach Brown said, “The group has really come together, and it’s clear that they enjoy spending time with one another on and off the court. It makes a big difference, as everyone is so supportive of one another on all levels. There is a real bond within this group, which makes practice and matches a lot of fun.”

With growing team chemistry and a healthy roster, the rest of the season looks promising for the Girls JV Squash team. Its next home match is scheduled for February 6 at 4:00, when it will face Choate.