Announcing the CXXI Record Board

We want to thank all students and faculty who have contributed and continue to contribute to each print issue as well as to the digital side of The Record. We also would love to thank all those who submitted applications and presented themselves during interviews during the application process. The time, effort, and constant communication you have expressed towards the board is beyond appreciated by all of us. Although we expanded the size of the entire board in order to implement the online platform, choosing between strong applicants was no easy task. For the young contributors, keep on working hard, because next year will come around quickly and your effort and consistency throughout will not be dismissed.

CXXI Executive Board:

President: Nicholas Lorentzen ’20

Editors-in-Chief: Charlie Knight ’20 and Maura Thompson ’20 (print); Jiahua Chen ’20 (online)


Print Board:

News Editors: Meghana Annamaneni ’21 & Reece Yang ’21

Features Editors: Lucy Haswell ’20 & Tamsin Nottage ’20

Opinions Editors: Carter Moyer ’20 & Lily Yang ’21

Arts & Leisure Editors: Tina Deng ’21 & John Shin ’20

Sports Editors: Connie Cao ’21, Cyrus Farman-Farmaian ’21, & Lucas Mastrodomenico ’20

Photography Editors: David Li ’21 & Jerry Sheng ’20

Layout Editors: I Lok U ’20 & Annie Xu ’22

Distribution Managers: Arhan Chabra ’22 & Yuka Masumura ’21


Online Board:

Digital Content Editors: Ally Fertig ’20, Alex McLane ’20, & Kavi Sura ’21

Digital Media Coordinators: Justin Choi ’20 & Jerry Sheng ’20

Digital Sports Editors: Nick Hsu ’20 & Toby Pouler ’20

Digital Media Editor: Jeffery Zhai ’20

Social Media Manager: Julia Willett ’20