Upper Mid Revue Returns


Jiahua Chen '20

Elijah Stone ’20 and Julia Lloyd ’20 performed Shawn Mendes’ “Air” during the Upper Mid Revue.

Students suffered through tasting “Satan’s Blood,” a hot sauce several times spicier than Sriracha, to capture footage for last week’s Upper Mid Revue video. The student-directed comedy show, back from its one-year hiatus, featured videos prepared in advance, as well as live dance and music. Students flooded into Walker Auditorium after study hall on Wednesday, November 28 to watch the show.

The co-hosts, Isaac Alicia ’20 and Kimanie Brown ’20, took to the stage to introduce each segment with a series of jokes. Robert Phillips ’20 was also featured in a segment entitled “What’s Robert Thinking About?” Between several of the performances, clips of Phillips’ deadpan expression followed by funny videos and internet memes served to transition into the next skit.

Musical performances included an appearance by the “New Drowning Sharks,” with Brown as the band’s lead singer and Dylan Kalaydjian ’19 trading in his guitar for a triangle. Upper Mids Cami Poulin, Cici Bu, Kelly Zuo, Maura Thompson, and Nina Sukonrat sang their own mash-up of Bruno Mars songs, while Elijah Stone ’20 and Julia Lloyd ’20 performed a rendition of “Air” by Shawn Mendes. Kostia Howard ’20 dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite – from the glasses to the “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt – for a live performance of the character’s signature dance routine.

The Upper Mid class began preparations for the show back in the spring of last year, when they drafted a list of video and performance ideas. Because of the early start, the class hit the ground running when members returned to campus this September. Kyle Roshankish, Upper Mid class president, said, “I wanted to show my devotion to my grade and this project, so I made sure to hold weekly meetings with structured agendas so that the construction of the Revue would go as smoothly as possible.”

The Upper Mids even managed to cast Dr. Arthur Gibb, dean of community life, in a skit about Spirit Week and Tropical Tuesday. At the end of the show, the hosts sent students off with an acoustic rendition of “Fair Hotchkiss.”