Athlete of the Issue: Nia Warren ’19


Greg Lock

Nia Warren ’19 prepares to dig the ball against Taft.

Nia Warren ’19 is co-captain of the Varsity Volleyball Team. Nia plays outside hitter and has contributed greatly in her two-year career on the team. Harper Perchik ’20, a member of the team, said, “She is a dynamic player who does what’s best for the team. When Alaina [Colby ’22] got sick, Nia gave up playing her favorite position, as an outside hitter, to play middle hitter, because she knew we needed it.”

How long have you been playing volleyball?

I have been playing volleyball since sixth grade, but I really [began] to learn about volleyball on the JV team at Hotchkiss. I was on the JV team my Prep and Lower Mid year, and [as an] Upper Mid and Senior I [was] on Varsity.

Where did you discover your interest in volleyball?

I played a little in middle school, so I [wanted to] join [the] JV volleyball [team] at Hotchkiss. I was working with Mr. Fenton, who is a great coach, and the team was very fun, so I started loving the sport. I really enjoy…the team aspect of the sport.

What position do you play on the team? What are some challenges that you have faced?

I play outside hitter. My favorite part, which is also the most challenging part about this position, is that I am the last touch of the ball. [That means] if there is a perfect pass and a perfect set and I hit it in the net, it feels like a waste of everyone’s effort. But at the same time, if I slam it down and make an ace, I am the reason that we win a point. It’s a really exciting but also stressful position.

What’s your favorite part about playing on the volleyball team?

First, when I am substituted out, I love standing next to the sideline along with my teammates and cheer[ing] for the game. I love watching a great hit and when we win a point. On the court, every time someone gets an ace or a kill, I love how all of us come into the circle and celebrate each other.

How has the team evolved over the years?

Last year, we had [many] strong players. People sat on the bench a lot. This year, everyone on the team has to step up, because the team is so small, and we all have to support each other to win. I think the amount of weight each player on the team carries definitely [has] increased because of the small size of the team.

What did you hope to accomplish before the season ended?

This year, during the games, we get tired easily, because everyone is constantly playing. Ginny [Barnes ’19] and I want to make sure that for our last game against Taft, we will finish every match strong and know that we tried our hardest on every single point, keeping a positive attitude all the time.