Tim Rappleye Draws Students into the World of Hockey


Tim Rappleye

The cover of Tim Rappleye’s new book, Hobey Baker: Upon Further Review.

Tim Rappleye, an author and hockey enthusiast, arrived at the school on November 6 for a reading of his second book, Hobey Baker: Upon Further Review, Exploring the Life and Death of a Hockey Immortal. His first book, Jack Parker’s Wise Guys: The National Champion BU Terriers, the Blizzard of ’78, and the Miracle on Ice, also showcase his love and knowledge of hockey.

[Rappleye] is just full of stories and the kids loved him.

— Mr. Chris Burchfield, instructor in English

Rappleye’s book focuses on Hobey Baker, a star hockey player who started at Princeton University. An award named after him and commemorating his legacy is given annually to the top National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s ice hockey player. Hobey Baker was first introduced to the sport as a student at St. Paul’s School and is remembered for his athletic achievements in various sports. 

Mr. Chris Burchfield, organizer of the event and instructor in English, said, “One thing [Rappleye] wants us to think about is how people who control the historical narrative alter it to fit a[n] expected view, when there might be another underlying possibility that people tend to obscure. The book is taking [a] different view of Hobey’s life, one that is not necessarily what the optimist would want to know.”

After the reading, students had the chance to meet Rappleye and ask questions. He broke down his research process, how to work with editors, and how to get a book from an idea to print.  Mr. Burchfield commented, “[Rappleye] is just full of stories and the kids loved him.”

Rappleye also attended classes, including Mr. Burchfield’s “Nonfiction Narrative Writing” and a Lower Mid Humanities class taught by Mrs. Christie Cooper, instructor in English, to discuss his book and the writing process.