Thirds Girls Soccer Remains Undefeated


Scout McKibben-Baier ’22

Deb Adeyemi ’20 and Elaine Oghoore ’22 fight for the ball during practice.

The cold and rainy fall weather has not put out the Girls Thirds Soccer team’s fire.  While the recent reshaping of the team initially posed challenges, both newcomers and returners have found their groove. 

One of the team’s major challenges in the beginning of the season was helping newcomers and returners understand the flow of the team. With 12 new Preps joining the team this year, the team has an entirely new dynamic. 

With Head Coach Liz Buckles on sabbatical, the team experienced a change in leadership as well. Previous Assistant Coach Bridget Dixon Moon, became the Head Coach, while newcomer, Sam King, became the Assistant Coach. Although the change has been a jolt for returners accustomed to Buckles, the new coaches have settled in, bringing a new formation and new drills to games and practice. Josline Mitoguena ’19, a four-year Senior on the team, said, “The new coaches are doing a great job making sure we are staying focused and fit.”

After playing together for eight weeks, the players have become more familiar with each other both on and off the field. Co-captain Amanda Maia ’19 said, “Last year, half of the team were returners of several years, so it was easy to create a close bond between us.” 

Skillwise, the team has a greater advantage this year. The four-year Seniors of the team, co-captain Britney Douglas ’19, Hannah Lothian ’19, Maia, and Mitoguena bring strong playing experience while the multitude of new preps have brought fresh ability and skill. In comparison to last season’s 6-5 record, the team has improved this year. Most of the new players came to the team with previous game experience and good skills in soccer. Dixon Moon said, “This year, we have a well-balanced combination of experienced returning players and strong newcomers.”

Although the end of soccer season is fast approaching, the team looks forward to maintaining its undefeated record and having fun. Yihan Ding ’22, a new member of the team, said, “The most exciting part about going to practice for me is being able to spend time with my friends who I would not generally see in class.”