The Importance of Bearcat Pride


Wendy Carlson

Blue and White Head Ben Meyers ’19 leads the Blue Mob in a cheer at the Boys Varsity Soccer game at Taft on Saturday, November 10.

Members of the community are proud of our school spirit, and rightfully so. Most students and faculty alike enjoy supporting our teams and it is never hard to convince friends to go to a game. All it takes is a trip to an under-the-lights-game or one step inside the Mars Athletic Center (MAC) during “pack the MAC” season to see that we love to support  friends and classmates on athletic teams. However, recently there has been a noticeable drop in game attendance, which could harm the Bearcat pride that is integral to our school.

We build a sense of irreplaceable camaraderie on the bleachers or stands. Yes, I recognize that it may be hard to cheer on someone you’ve never met before rather than a good friend. Perhaps that is why you may choose to go to the snack bar or take a break from work if you don’t have close friends on a team. Although it is uncommon to have friends on all of the winter, fall, and spring athletic teams, we as a student body must work to support our fellow Bearcats. The  support that you may believe isn’t worth your time is actually crucial to the athletes on the field.

I am a fall athlete. A proud one. Seeing fans – some familiar and some new faces – at my games, representing the school with their voices and backing me gives me an incredible feeling. Almost everyone plays at least one sport and knows what it is like to be cheered on and supported by the community. Students sense that repaying the support they receive and giving back by cheering at other games leads to stronger and more consistent spirit on the sidelines. I have personally seen the effects of the work of Blue and White heads, whether it consists of organizing the “blue mob,” starting chants at games, or simply getting people excited.

The Blue and White Society cares deeply about the school, and that motivates others to follow their lead. I love to cheer at any game, I love “respectfully poking fun at Taft,” and I love hearing the cheers of the crowd when I play. Hotchkiss’ spirit is nearly unrivaled by the other schools I have traveled to for sports, and that spirit is a defining part of our community. To maintain the level of active school spirit that is unique to us Bearcats, we must continue to support our peers and go to games.