Hotchkiss Parents Win Midterm Elections

Two parents of current Hotchkiss students emerged victorious in the midterm election races, both elected as national representatives for Connecticut. Maria Horn, the elected Connecticut State Representative for the 64th District, is the mother of Max Quinn ’19, Abby Quinn ’17, and Maude Quinn ’15. Shawn Wooden, the father of Isaias Wooden ’21, was elected Connecticut State Treasurer.

Horn’s campaign emphasized the importance of health care initiatives and long-term investments. She also highlighted the need to prioritize education and economic growth in Connecticut. Horn ran against incumbent Republican Brian Ohler. In an exclusive interview with Horn, she said, “While I saw chaos, dysfunction, and an abandonment of principle at the federal level, there were things happening in state government. But were we protecting CT from what was happening at the national level, or was it seeping into our state politics, too? Running to represent a district I knew and loved felt like the most important thing I could do.”

Wooden promised to maximize investment returns and redirect state funds to issues such as education and job creation. Wooden also endorsed a retirement-security program that would help workers to save for retirement. Prior to the election, Wooden was a partner at Day Pitney LLP, a law firm based in Hartford, and served as the President of the Hartford City Council. Wooden ran against Thad Gray, the father of Eleanor Gray ’19.

Both elections were the results of tight races. Horn received 50.2% of votes, while Ohler received 49.8%. Wooden received 53.9% of the votes in his race against Republican Thad Gray, who received 44.9% of the votes.

The Record’s exclusive interview with Horn can be read here.