College Application Stress

As fall comes to a end, many students find themselves closer than ever to an impending decision: college. You’ve heard it, you’ve felt it, and you’ve seen it: college, more college, and even more college. While this word in and of itself may carry a daunting aura, the reality is that the application process can prove to be an insightful one. Students, enjoy the college process for what it is and what it can offer. Perceive it as a journey of self-discovery rather than a task to dread. 

When you visit  schools, enjoy  their diverse campuses and the array of opportunities each has to offer. Seek out your specific interests; delve into curricula, extracurricular activities, and social clubs. If necessary, create a list for every school you visit to remind yourself of what you liked and disliked the most about each. Soak in the energy of learning and social culture. Talk to students and, if possible, go with them to social events or stay with them on campus for an entire day. Through this first phase, you’ll get a taste of all that colleges have to offer to you whilst getting to know college students and their spirit. 

Then, once you have narrowed down your schools, comes the most enthralling and challenging component: creating your story. Here, you get to define yourself and paint whatever picture of yourself you desire. You have the chance to display your accomplishments and celebrate your interests while presenting your real personality and quirks. Keep your messages clear and representative, and keep yourself organized and on-schedule. Through this writing phase, you’ll accentuate latent parts of yourself, uphold pre-established ones, and even discover new facets to your identity.

Lastly, you’ll find yourself compiling all of the information in the Common App and reviewing it. Here is where your application will finally come to life, and you will have the opportunity to interact more directly than ever with the university. You’ll gain access to the college’s portal and be scheduled for an interview, where you will be able to bring your written personality to life. And before you know it, you’ll be in the grand finale, pondering your next school destination.

The college application is a journey we will all take,  and a journey that we can all learn to welcome. Today, we can confront the process as one: let us all hear it, feel it, and see it together.