Athlete of the Issue: Max Quinn ’19


Y.Y. Cher ’20

Max Quinn ’19 practices dodging cut blocks during a drill.

Max Quinn is a four-year Senior and co-captain of Boys Varsity Football. Quinn also plays Varsity Baseball in the spring. According to Henry Emswiler ’22, Max is “not only a football and baseball athlete, but like a big brother” to players on the football team.

When did you start playing football at Hotchkiss? 

[During] freshmen year, I played thirds soccer with Abdoulaye Fall, which was a fun time, for sure. Soccer was something I always took pretty seriously, but I think when I came here I just realized that, [because I am] big, my talents were better served on the football field, so that’s where I ended up. 

What is the biggest challenge that the team faces?

 I think the biggest challenges that the team faces [are] injuries. There’s not a whole lot we can do about it. The best that we can do is stick together and get in a better mindset, rather than dwell on what could have gone right. Injuries hurt us, but it doesn’t do much good to sulk about it.

What is your favorite memory from the team? 

Beating Salisbury Sophomore and Junior year. We lost to them this year, which sucks, but beating them Sophomore year was fun. I didn’t play much Sophomore year, but it was cool to watch. Junior year it was even more fun because [the game] was away, and after we won we got swarmed on their field. We also got a trophy from it, which was pretty cool. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed being a student athlete? 

Yeah, for sure. With the twohour practices and football being such a tiring sport, it’s tough to do it all, but you figure it out. This being my last year, I’ve gotten used to it. For me, fall’s always the hardest term because of football. It’s overwhelming at times.

Do you have any pre-game rituals that help you mentally?

 I like to listen to calm music on the field. I listen to rap and hype music before the game, but when I get to the field, I warm up and listen to classic rock that my Dad likes. My Dad and I are pretty close. I also always put my right shoe on before my left.

How do you handle stress before a game?

 I just try and take it all out on the first play. We have left kick-off or kick-return, and I’m on both of those, so I try to get it all out on the first play and then [the stress] is all gone.

What are your goals for this season, and how will you achieve those goals? 

Team goals are to win out. That’s ambitious for sure. We have winnable games with Williston and Kent coming up, and we’re starting to get guys back from injuries. It’d also be nice to beat Taft at the end of the year. My personal goals are centered around the team goals, so if we meet our team goals, my personal goals will come through.

What is one piece of advice that has helped you get through the challenges you have faced? 

Yogi Berra [said] that “90 percent of the game is mental and the other 10 percent is physical.”  I think that’s very true. Everything is in your head. If you learn how to control your mind and emotions, that can serve you well. 

If you could give one piece of advice to other athletes, what would it be? 

Lead by example. I think kids get caught up in telling people what to do, they think that whatever they say goes and that respect is given, not earned. Prove yourself, don’t bash others, and let your actions [speak].