Faces of the Farm

What is your favorite memory at the farm?

Claire de Cordova ’19

“Maddie [Rego ’19] and I were finishing chores on the farm. We thought everything was in order; however, when we looked up, [we discovered] that the cows had gotten loose. There is a gate protecting the cows, but it had been left open, and the cows began to run out [past] the Mary Graff Barn and too close to the road. Without Ellie [Youngblood ’10] there to help us manage the situation, it was chaos. However, once the cows were back in their places (with the help of different people), it was satisfying, and I laugh reflecting on the situation now. People grow and step up to challenges in chaos, and I think that it is a beautiful thing. One of my favorite older memories is from my first FFEAT sleepover in the fall of last year. There was a wedding taking place on the farm next to us, and I remember running through the cornfields, dancing while listening to the band from across the field. Something was so perfect about that moment.”

Elexis Diaz ’20

“My favorite memory is the FFEAT sleepover, which happens once every fall and spring. By the time of the sleepover, I had gotten to know the students and faculty on FFEAT much better through the different tasks assigned to us every day, such as harvesting potatoes and picking raspberries. Two of my favorite moments from the sleepover were when everyone worked together to make cider and when Jacqui [Rice ’20] and I saw a shooting star. Even though the cold weather made for discomfort throughout the night, the times where I bonded with others through small moments made the night a memorable and  relaxing way to spend time with the group.”

Grace MacShane ’22

“[During] one of my first weeks [in FFEAT], we harvested cherry tomatoes. We went into the greenhouse and there were little tomatoes still on vines, and each vine cascad[ed]  down in color [from red to green]. I think that’s something really powerful about the farm: you get to see something so beautiful and have such a close connection to something you usually just buy at the grocery store.”

Cooper Roh ’22

“There was a really cloudy day when I was assigned to a group that was [going to] pick flowers for an open house the next day. There were these gorgeous [zinnias],  which were white, red, and pink, and they were so beautiful. I went with a friend of mine in our class and two of my sister’s friends. We were just picking [zinnias] on this cloudy day and talking. It was such a peaceful moment, and it was something I never expected to be doing, but am really glad I did.”

Alex Xu ’19

“My favorite memory from FFEAT was when I met Omar through the SOAR program in the spring, two years ago. SOAR is an after-school enrichment program [that brings] 3rd to 6th grade students from Salisbury Central School to the farm twice a week to work with the FFEAT crew. Two members of FFEAT pair up with a SOAR student and work together on daily tasks. My buddy, Omar, is a Syrian refugee who now lives in Lakeville, CT. When I first met Omar, he wasn’t able to speak English fluently; however, over time, we learned to communicate with each other. I was able to learn about Omar’s experience and difficulties in coming to the United States, as well as about what his life was like back in Syria. Similarly, Omar learned about my experiences and culture. We have very different backgrounds: I am Chinese and currently live in Shanghai. Overall, my time with Omar was both an interesting and educational experience, as we learned a lot about each other’s stories and cultures even though he was young and hard to communicate with at times.”