Varsity Football Trains to Kick Off Big Season


YY Cher ’20

Jebb Vincent ‘19 punts the football at Berkshire last Saturday, September 15.

Family: it’s a word the Varsity Football team has adopted as a description of the mindset it hopes to embody. From its first-ever off-campus preseason to a brand new conditioning program, the players seem ready to turn a corner in their performance on the field and their relationships off of it.

Last season, the team faced strong opposition, ending with a record of 1-9. The team strives to put that rough season behind them. Despite last year’s struggles, Head Coach Danny Smith expressed confidence in his team, especially in the emerging lowerclass students who, according to him, “will make fine players for us in the next couple of years.”

The coaches have worked since last season to develop a new conditioning program. The new program has challenged the athletes in ways that should improve their stamina, agility, and overall ability on the field. Many of these changes come from new Assistant Coach Brody Quinn, who formerly worked for the Indianapolis Colts. Smith commented, “We had a tough record [last year], [so] we made a conscious effort to change our conditioning. The younger kids have really bought into it and are working hard.”

We want teams to remember playing Hotchkiss because they thought they would get [the win] easily but didn’t.

— Max Quinn ’19

The induction of four postgraduates to the team has added leaders. When asked about the general closeness of the team, Tommy Lewis ’19, co-captain, said, “Our preseason off-site camp helped establish team chemistry. This year we really embraced the term family.”

The team members are eager to put newly implemented defensive and offensive schemes into practice. Lewis said, “We are neither the biggest nor the fastest team, but [there’s no such thing as] mistake-free football. We have a number of strong players who have tremendous play-making ability.”

The team approaches each game with the drive to win. Though the season has just begun, there is a bittersweet feeling among upperclass students who will soon leave. Older team members hope to pass down their experience and skill to new players who will carry on the legacy of Boys Varsity Football. Max Quinn ’19, co-captain, said, “Personally, I approach every game with the intent of having the other team remember [us]. We want teams to remember playing Hotchkiss because they thought they would get [the win] easily but didn’t.”

Last Saturday, the team officially kicked off its competitive season with a scrimmage against The Berkshire School. The second half was back-and-forth, but the Bearcats got the better in the scrimmage by a score of 7-0.  Looking ahead, Coach Smith said, “as with every season, [our goal] is to beat Taft.” The Bearcats will play nine games in all, culminating in a final away game against Taft.