Meet the New Coaches

Katherine Boyd

Mrs. Katherine Boyd will be an assistant coach for the JV volleyball team.

“Helping out with JV Volleyball has been a lot of fun so far. As a college advisor, much of my work with students is one-on-one, so I am really enjoying spending time with students in more of a team setting.”

Corey Cooper ’08

Ms. Corey Cooper was a four-year member of  the Girls Varsity Soccer team while at Hotchkiss and coached soccer after she graduated from college at Proctor Academy. She will be an assistant coach for the Girls Varsity Soccer team.

“To be a part of the Varsity Girls Soccer team is a really special thing, and it certainly taught me a lot when I was a student about what it means to be a good teammate. It’s going to be a really exciting [season] and it’s already looking [very] promising.”

Sara DeMarsilis

Ms. Sara DeMarsilis was four-year member of the Girls Varsity Soccer team at Choate Rosemary Hall, and served as captain during her senior year. She will be an assistant coach for the Girls Varsity Soccer team.

“I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the GVS family and to coach alongside the Coopers who provide such a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. The energy, love, and enthusiasm that the girls have for the sport and each other is so infectious.”

Josh Duclos

Mr. Josh Duclos is an assistant coach of the Boys JV Soccer Team.

“I have played soccer my whole life (usually midfield), and coached at the high school level for several seasons. I am attracted to the physical and cerebral aspects of the game. The unity that develops among a team during a season is a special thing.”

Britt Giacco

Ms. Britt Giacco comes to Hotchkiss from UNC where she was a goalie. She will assist JV Field Hockey and head the JV Girl’s Lacrosse.

“I’m most excited about getting to know the team and just coaching in general. I want to see [the girls] grow as a team and individually and have fun.”

Kurt Hinck ’08

Mr. Kurt Hinck is a Hotchkiss alumnus and the coach of the Boys Varsity Water Polo team.

Water Polo player Christian Crider ’20 said, “Coach Hinck is a rock. He coaches by example and many times demonstrates proper form himself. He has made the team look towards building comradery by building each other up and supporting each other. We will have a strong team spirit going forward with Coach Hinck as our leader.”

Brody Quinn ’10

Mr. Brody Quinn was a former member of the Hotchkiss Varsity football team as a PG. He now is an assistant coach of the Varsity football team.

Football player Kimanie Brown ’20 said, “He’s encouraging, he pushed me to push myself in practice, which I was afraid to do. … I’ve seen progression within my ability.”

Jarrod Sisk

Mr. Jarrod Sisk coached soccer at The Gunnery for 15 years at all levels, including 3rds, JV, and Varsity.

“Coaching is one of the best ways to get to know the kids. [I’m excited] to work with the kids every afternoon and [have] fun and help them do things they can’t always do in the classroom: working together, getting some fitness, travelling to other schools, and interacting with other kids they don’t know.”